Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How I Was Wrong.

I can't believe I actually thought that now I'm out of school I would have a lot of free time. Oh how I was wrong. When I think about my spare time and where it all goes, I confuse myself. I feel like I need to organise myself more? But I don't really want to make a timetable on how i spend my free time...
6:30 - post something on blogspot
6:45 - post something on tumblr
7:00 - eat dinner
7:30 - browse for music
...yup thats just not right.
I better go do some tafe work I suppose...I wish I didn't have to, there are so many things I want to do, but feel like I can't? Even though I can? Yeah I'm not to sure what I'm saying either...


  1. hullo :) i am having a dillema also. uni is giving me so much work and chinese is very difficult and i am regretting doing what i am doing and lalala

    what tafe course are you doing? if i was to gues it would be something like photography. .. or... some kind of cool job course.. haha :D

  2. Haha oh lifes so difficult =[ haha. hmm im doing events management. I want to manage music festivals and gigs and things. I wishhh I could do a photography course. I'm actually considering looking into starting one seeing as events management is only twice a week, maybe photography would cover a few more days of the week? but then thats less time to work. I just feel like being creative at the moment.
    Are you going to change courses? or is it too late for that now?

  3. i feel like i want to be more creative. the most creative thing i'm doing atm is decorating my own self made diary. i collage things from magazines and photos i like and make a day-a-page A5 diary :)
    i really want to change to uts for managements in events and leisure coz i want to do something crazy like own the soccer stadium hahaha!!
    i think i'll either finish this year or just one semester and then work... or... i could do my whole arts degree. but i think i want to change to uts and follow me real dream. i think the thought of going to sydney overpowered all my other nice thoughts hahaha.
    i wish i could take nice photos. i just take my little olympus camera with me, nothing special, and take some photos at uni hahahaaha :)