Friday, April 16, 2010

Hatin' On The Life.

  • I want to go to this music festival which has an a-ma-zing line up but I'll be overseas argh. 
  • I'm failing at money saving.
  • I dislike my job. I love the people, but hate certain individuals who have the ability to make work hell and yup just don't wanna be there anymore. 
  • Not having a well paying job SUCKS.
  • I need knew music so badly! But no I do not download. I have a feeling that will be changing very soon however lately I've capped my internet...this can't happen again otherwise my parents shoot me. 
  • I want to see my best friend already. I haven't spoken to her in way too long and I'm kind of dying.
Yup Hate life.  


  1. naww, being overseas sucks. damn youre life is hard,
    also are the rest of us not good enough for you ='( so hurtful
    no but seriously
    she needs to come home now... i need someone to spoon when youre otherwise occupied =p

  2. dont be hatin' on life im comin' back soon dizzle


    who the fuck do i think i am omg i need a life
    but i do make myself laugh